So, having been quite a while since my last blog post, I tried a little experiment. Every day in October I made myself write down one observation from that day. As you will see, this is probably why I’ve never tweeted.

1 October – Heard The Guess Who on the radio twice today; they were one of the most enjoyable bands I’ve ever seen live.
2 October – Found my daughter sitting in the drivers’ seat of my car checking my Blackberry saying she wants to be like her mom.
3 October – Saw Brandon Sanderson at a signing today; it’s such a treat to hear an author read their own work.
4 October – As disappointing as this government shutdown is, I have to say the parking on base is terrific.
5 October – Took the kids to the Renaissance Festival today; it’s always good to learn about European history, including elves.
6 October – I don’t understand why people dislike rainy days so much, it’s really hard to beat a rainy Autumn Sunday.
7 October – I feel like profile pictures should be of that person, not their kids or pets. It’s ironic that hyper-identity dilutes identity.
8 October – Let’s not overdo the pumpkin spice theme, not when peppermint season is just around the corner.
9 October – The concept that you have to keep breathing continuously to stay alive kind of freaks me out. That’s a lot of responsibility.
10 October – The Exit 7 sign on I-675 North is tilting ominously. I wonder if it will fall over. I check on it daily, so far it seems fine.
11 October – I would say dark chocolate can cure anything, but it’s done a pretty poor job with weight loss.
12 October – There are few things as pleasant as fall colors as the leaves begin to change.
13 October – Today a Cleveland Police Officer welcomed me to his city and tipped his hat – civility is so underrated.
14 October – I agree Columbus Day should be replaced also, but people do need to calm down, nobody is actually celebrating Columbus.
15 October – I take it back – my son’s second grade class celebrated Columbus in art, prose, and trivia – please resume your commentary.
16 October – If, “Friday I’m In Love” comes on the radio on any day other than Friday, I change the channel. Yes, I still listen to radio.
17 October – My book was released on the same day as my son’s tenth birthday, I feel this presages good things for the next decade.
18 October – Funny that humans still find themselves so superior when we can be completely owned by microscopic viruses.
19 October – Pondering the awkward situation where the character in Carrie Underwood’s, “When He Cheats” learns none of her speculations were true.
20 October – I don’t want to buy things that are simply less expensive; I want to see a crossed out red price indicating what a good bargain I hunted.
21 October – Honestly, I don’t want to be subjected to awareness about anything for a month. I know, kick me out.
22 October – Sometimes when I watch the numbers rolling by on the gas pump, I visualize actual money flowing through the hose.
23 October – I often wonder when someone responds with, “Living the Dream” whether that means they don’t know where their classes are. Or forgot clothes.
24 October – My husband is an amazing person, just don’t tell him I said so.
25 October – My hardcover books shipped from the printer today, keep imagining them “on the truck” like a friend taking a voyage.
26 October – Blustery fall day, watching maple helicopters fly through the air, another reason I love Fall.
27 October – My son didn’t know how to turn off a piece of electronics I purchased in high school – apparently on/off switches are now obsolete.
28 October – Baffled by the concept of people liking Facebook ads without any apparent intent to buy the product. What is it they like?
29 October – Well my book (Spireseeker) is finally out on the street in all formats. It’s a little weird, and a lot me.
30 October – Everything about Facebook sort of freaks me out; it’s like being in an elevator with everyone you’ve ever known.
31 October – I don’t like being scared, and I don’t really like candy. But costumes are a little fun. Oh, well. Time for November.