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Happy April everyone! I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, and wanted to let you know the latest:

Thank you: First, thanks to everyone who has read, shared, or reviewed Spireseeker or The Taking of Stonecrop. Art can only exist through experience, and there are few things that bring me greater joy than hearing that someone read and enjoyed my words and stories. So, in the words of Beryl, “Thank you for your friendship. I promise I will not forget it. You have my loyalty and that of the Spire.”

Underground Book Reviews: I’d really like your help. I want to win this pitch contest, which would earn a review and interview for Spireseeker. It only takes two clicks: Click this link, then “like” the post that pops up on Facebook. No strings attached – you are just liking the post. Thank you! (Votes only count until the end of April, so please vote today.)

Reviews and Awards: I am thrilled about this glowing five-star review of The Taking of Stonecrop written by Bil Howard of Readers’ Favorite. Also, Spireseeker has been announced as a finalist for the MIPA Midwest Book Awards in Fantasy/SciFi/Horror/Paranormal! This puts it in the top three, and we will find out who won in May. (How exciting!) In addition, at least two super-cool bloggers are currently reading Spireseeker. We’ll let you know via social media when their reviews are posted.

Book Clubs: A couple of book clubs have said they are going to read this, including an LDS book club in Nevada (shout out!) and some guys that are way cooler than I am in Dayton (sorry that my book doesn’t have enough bazoongas, guys, but thanks for being bros anyway). I hope both groups enjoy it. If your book club is interested, just drop us a note at atthis@atthisarts.com. We offer discounts on group purchases as well.

Wichita: I am honored to be featured at Watermark Books & Cafe in Wichita Kansas, during the Local Literary Festival on Saturday, June 14th, signing copies of Spireseeker. I will post more updates to my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads pages as they become available. If you’re in the area, we really hope to see you there!

Ionia: Spireseeker is also available at Second Beginnings in Ionia, Michigan. Stop by if you’re in the area. We are looking at opportunities to get up there for a signing.

Reddit: Now that I am hip enough to grasp what Reddit is, I am entirely excited to be the /r/Fantasy Writer of the Day June 18th. This is just like an AMA (that’s “Ask Me Anything”) which means, well, just what it sounds like. So be sure to hop onto http://reddit.com/r/Fantasy on June 18th (beginning around noon Eastern) and ask me a question! Not sure what to ask? How about stuff like: fantasy, writing, independent publishing, Spireseeker, parenting, being an engineer-turned-writer, veg and gender themes in my writing, on and on. Show up and ask away!

Kickstarter: We are gearing up for a June/July Kickstarter run to fund illustration, editing, and printing for the first book of the Shkode trilogy. Dragons and Wizards! No that doesn’t mean the book is done; it means I’m broke and if you want to ever read this thing, I’m going to either need some fan support via Kickstarter, or a magic wizard to buy all the copies of Spireseeker stacked in my basement. Pending the latter, we’ll plan for the Kickstarter. I really want to make this worth your while, though, so we are working some ideas for really cool Kickstarter rewards.

Sister Authors: Had the pleasure of meeting Anne Weisgarber, author of The Promise – a lovely historical fiction novel set in Galveston, Texas during the deadly hurricane of 1900. Also, if you have tween kids, you won’t want to miss the Jack O’Rourke Series, by my high school classmate Kristi M. Washbourn.

Mothers’ Day: Look, I don’t know how else to break this to you, but your mom wants a signed copy of Spireseeker for Mothers’ Day. It’s my job to tell you these sort of things.

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And hey, isn’t this about writing? Let’s end with an excerpt from The Taking of Stonecrop:

Klev looked at her thoughtfully. “Rarely are those who clamor for power unblemished. It is a delicate game that enables people of motivation to stay in power, yet finds those motivated for the best reasons. There is never a perfect solution, only a never-ending struggle for balance. The night’s events will inflame great passion, and move that point of balance even further out of reach. Nobody even knows which side they are on anymore.”

Byrn stared at the torches burning on the walls of the spacious underground room. “I wish we didn’t have to pick a side, that we could just work together.” Klev did not respond. Around her children sniffled, and their parents as well, perhaps imaging what it would be like to see your family killed before you. For no worthwhile reason. “We can’t let them go to war. These are my people.”

“If war could be prevented by will alone, then there would never be a battle fought.” Klev stood a little straighter, and now spoke in a whisper for Byrn’s ears alone. “And, your Highness, despite our unyielding loyalty, you will lead us best when you learn we are our own people.” Byrn’s cheeks flushed, and Klev softened his tone. “But, still, Byrn—we’ll try. Together.”

Cheers, and enjoy a well-deserved Spring!

E.D.E. Bell

16 April 2014