Why Blog?

Why Blog?

So the obvious first question is… why write a blog?  I could say something about self expression, free speech, and the like – and there would be truth to it.  However the real reason is: I like to read your blogs.  Many friends and family over the years have had blogs, and I genuinely enjoy them.  I’d rather read about your life, your experiences, or something that’s on your mind than I would read about political spin or celebrity arrests.  And truth be told, I’d rather read your blog than watch you take pictures of yourself in your bathroom.  So maybe, I thought, if I create a blog someone will like it too.

Most people don’t know that I’ve been writing for a long time.  I’m not a trained writer, and my grammar and punctuation probably offends, but I enjoy it so I keep doing it.  Some day when I’m gone, some grandchild will look through my computer and find folders of written works from over the years ranging from stories, poems, and even a bit of sports writing.  I finally decided to write a full-length book earlier this year, and I’ve been working on it since.

As for the blog title I recognize it could imply drunken ramblings, but in the end my other options were all either too indulgent or too self-deprecating.  This one is too silly to be taken seriously.  And I do really enjoy a good Carménère.  It’s good for the heart, you know.

My window for bloggable topics is very small.  I can’t blog about my job because I’d like to keep it.  I can’t blog about family for much of the same reason.  I can’t blog about my more controversial ideas – and believe me I have them – without potentially alienating people I care about.  I’m not going to rant – it’s tacky.  And I’m not going to whine – things just aren’t that bad.  I’m also not going to share my more personal thoughts and experiences.  All of this being said, I do not believe I have excluded everything I have to say.  There are still a few topics left, and I’d like to share them with you.  If you’re interested.

I probably won’t post often, and it probably won’t be revolutionary.  Here’s my perspective on it.  If my blog isn’t interesting to read or it annoys you, please don’t read it.  But if you occasionally enjoy hearing what I have to say, please stop back in.

Thanks for your time, and here’s to the journey –